Customer Reviews

Customer - Arizona, USA

“It’s hot frotting the old fashioned (manual) way; however, the Cockblock toy takes it to a whole new level! Partner intimacy is definitely more intense when using Cockblock. The quality of the product is outstanding and can easily be felt by the shear weight of the product. Very well done!”

Customer - Maryland, USA

"It was a really fun, new experience."

Customer - Toronto, Canada

"An innovative way for gay sex."

Customer - Virginia, USA

"One of the best toys I've had. It’s just heavy enough that once inside it stays still while we enjoy it."

Customer - Washington, USA

“I think it’s great and we just need some more practice. I liked that the black part is soft. I feel like you could highlight this better on your website because the softness is definitely better, and it was a ‘oh wow’ moment for us."

Customer - Colorado, USA


Customer - Quebec, Canada

"We love it. Easy and quick to use. Makes the pleasure last longer. We really like the material but at the same time we would like to be able to use a silicon base lubricant which is not possible with this one."

Customer - Chicago, USA

“Love the concept - think you could vary the internal texture a bit more for added sensation"

CockBlock Toys - We plan on introducing additional sleeve options in the future.

Customer - Minnesota, USA

"It's great, lot's of fun! It's a bit heavy but not much to be done about that I suppose."

Customer - New South Wales, Australia

“We liked it though we didn't like the smell of the material."

CockBlock Toys - Please note, the odour dissipates once outside the packaging."

Customer - Michigan, USA
"Better than regular penetrative anal sex. One of the best experiences my partner and I have had, and we've been together for 10 years!!! Honestly love it all!"

Customer - Idaho, USA
"An enjoyable experience for me and my partner. We’ve used it multiple times and it always feels great. Would enjoy some different sleeves at some point to mix it up."

Customer - Massachusetts, USA

"Loved it, great alternative to penetration for two tops. Felt very intimate."

Customer - Ontario, Canada

"Great experience, though the size impedes it."

Customer - Toronto, Canada

"I LOVED it !!!!! Frottage has always ranked among my favourite sexual activities. CockBlock has already added aspects of exploration and excitement to a tried-and-true turn on, and it introduces a form of enhanced sensuous arousal to an activity that never fails to satisfy. It's SO solid and heavy."

Customer - Maryland, USA

"Fantastic fresh idea! I love being able to be naturally face to face with my partner during sex. Would be really cool if CB was transparent. I love it!"

Customer - Wisconsin, USA

"I loved the concept for days my partner doesn’t want to go through the process of preparing to bottom. Unfortunately, the product just doesn’t execute. The silicone feels great to the touch. I can get my cock in, but it’s simply too tight."

Customer - Indiana, USA

"Love it! Have always been a fan of frotting and this adds so much more pleasure! Amazing product overall! Nothing I dislike about it! Would definitely be interested in different textured sleeves in the future!."

CockBlock Toys - We plan on introducing additional sleeve options in the future.

Customer - Pennsylvania, USA

“Overall, we really like it! We've found a couple different positions that work. Pretty satisfying whether you're on top or bottom. Easy to clean."

Customer - Maryland, USA

"We love it. Especially since I have colitis and it makes it difficult to bottom."

Customer - New York, USA

"I love it. I’m very into frontage so this is right up my alley. It’s a bit bulky and heavy but that’s to be expected"