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Designed to combine penetration and frot, CockBlock® enables face-to-face sex right in the moment.

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Hot AF

Finally pulled the trigger on Cock Block after thinking about it for months. WORTH IT! My husband and I love this new feeling of frottage. Our Experience
- More sex more often because it's so much easier to get started.
- Able to switch off who is thrusting. This is a first. It's like we take turns teasing and working each other up.
- Easy toy to clean.
- Feels solid. Not sure how to say this, but you can tell it's made well.

Expensive, but overal worth it. Especially if you're into frotting.

My new favorite

Up front: my husband and I have only tried to use our Cockblock together once, and it was awkward trying to find the right rhythm. I think we will, though. In the meantime, he did cum while we were both inside it, and that was incredibly hot, so five stars just for that! Operations for two aside, I really like it for how easy it is to clean (I can't tell you how many toys I've bought that have parts that get gross that are incredibly difficult to reach to clean well), and also for the gentle texture on the inside. So many toys want to unceremoniously drag you kicking and screaming to ecstacy with their bumps and knobs and rough textures, and it feels good for a moment, but I always reach a point where it becomes a turnoff. I've used the Cockblock by myself a couple of times, and it's a slower build to orgasm, but once you get close, it feels nearly as good as the real thing (pro tip: if you're using it alone, go in through the back). The only negative I can think of is that the inner sleeve doesn't seem to conduct heat as well as some of the other toys I've used, so that even after I've been in it for a bit, it still feels a little cold. Seeing as it's made to have a second cock inside, providing warmth, I can't really knock it too much for that.

Three Experiences

Two solo and one tandem. All were good, achieved goal, by cumming hands free with a smile. The fit is good, hence sufficient friction. The angle seems to be very appropriate, takes long and short strokes. The block is of sufficient weight it does not move. Figuring out how to use between two is fun - many more fun positions to try. Provides much more opportunity for kissy face and cuddling. Design is containing, so less need for towels and clean-up is easy. Bravo!

Rich M.
Best toy we’ve purchased

Just received and used for the first time - it was fun and a great way to connect differently than normal. The weight allows it to be hand free and enjoyable. 10/10 recommend!


This is the best toy I've bought in my life. It feels amazing, and I've been using it daily since I got it. If you're on the fence about buying it, do it. You won't regret it.