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CockBlock® and Tighter Sleeve

CockBlock® and Tighter Sleeve

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CockBlock® and Tighter Sleeve comes with the Regular Sleeve AND Tighter Sleeve so you can experiment with what feels best.

Designed to combine penetration and frot, CockBlock enables face-to-face sex right in the moment.

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Customer Reviews

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Washington, U.
It's worth every penny.

My order shipped quickly and arrived a few days earlier than expected.
As soon as the package was opened, we were ready to try it…like really ready.
We lubed up and I inserted myself into the cockblock. My partner climbed on and slid into the other opening. The Cockblock is sturdy enough to not get smooshed between our bodies, but also incredibly comfortable in place. I can tell it’s there, but that’s about it, and soon enough I don’t notice it at all. What we do feel is our lubed erections thrusting side-by-side. I’ve used other male masturbation sex toys before, and I’ve enjoyed them. The Cockblock has similar high quality materials and craftsmanship, but the focus (at least for us) is placed solely on the sensation of each others’ erection rubbing together. It’s intense, incredibly pleasurable and tantric.

It did take a few moments to sync our thrusts alternately, but we figured it out quickly. Our first Cockblock session, we orgasmed simultaneously…that was a first for us. The next time he outlasted me, but not by much because my ejaculation sent him over the edge.

Frotting is hot, but since the Cockblock experience is basically hands free, it opens up a world of new experiences: having sex face-to-face; intense, passionate kissing without stretching, straining or pausing the experience…we spend most of our sessions with the Cockblock making out from start to finish.

Spontaneous sex is now a part of our wheelhouse. The cockblock price tag? It’s worth every penny. Cockblock’s customer service is quick, polite and responsive. If you’ve looked for other reviews online and found few (if any) that are neutral to negative, the reason is that the Cockblock really is that good.
I am a paying customer, and have not been compensated or paid in any way for this review.

Missouri, U.
Made frotting so fantastic.

Just got my Cockblock and it made frotting so fantastic. The toy holds the two cocks perfectly together, not too hard, not too soft. The sensation of rubbing them together, head to head, was a truly a moving experience. I loved feeling my partner's cock grow harder and harder inside CockBlock, feeling his cock contract and spasm on mine, and then the hot, wet cum that he ejaculates on my cockhead.

Texas, U.
A tool to hold your tools together.

The snugness is great. For those of us who like missionary frot, it's great to have a "tool" to hold your tools together. It took a few tries for us to get it aligned in missionary. Next time, I'm mulling trying it without the casing. I wanna focus on the tightness of the sleeve but not necessarily feel the black case between us (if that makes sense). Great product, tho!

Brandon A.
Great at large and Small size.

My partner is below average, not by a lot, but enough. I am on the other end of the spectrum, I was worried about that match up, but daymn this works perfectly.

Maryland, U.
Works wonderfully.

We both found it insanely hot to be able to see inside as we took turns thrusting. I think it would be great if you had a soft brush, cleaning kit type thing to sell with the cock block to make cleaning easier.
If you happen to develop a sturdier soft liner, we would love to try it! We love frotting, especially when we both want to top. The CockBlock works wonderfully, as designed, to help you both have a hot time! With the opening on the other end, we found it insanely hot to watch as we rubbed against each other. Since we’re both a bit more heavy set, the CockBlock also gave us the opportunity to make out while frotting, which is usually impossible in missionary.