Why CockBlock Is More Than The Best Gay Masturbator

Why CockBlock Is More Than The Best Gay Masturbator

What is the best gay masturbator? And while we’re at it, what exactly is a masturbator, and what makes one gay?

For the purposes of this article, a masturbator is a device designed to facilitate and enhance masturbation, which is when someone sexually stimulates themself. There are strokers, sleeves, oral sex machines, you name it. Sex toys designed for masturbation are supposed to feel better than, or different from, masturbating with your hand alone.

As for what makes a masturbator gay? Well, some masturbators are marketed specifically for gay guys, and are even designed to mimic the orifices of gay porn stars. And of course, you've got CockBlock, which is specifically designed for gay, bi, curious and other penis-having couples.

So… is CockBlock a Gay Masturbator?

Buy Your CockBlock NowNot exactly. We know it kind of looks like one, and because you put your cocks in it, you might be tempted to call it one. But the purpose of CockBlock is not masturbation, it’s frot.

That might sound like splitting hairs, but the difference is a fundamental one. CockBlock is specifically designed to allow two cocks to rub together inside it, and as such, it’s more about sex than it is about masturbation.

That is until you consider the concept of "mutual masturbation", which opens a can of worms (or a block of cocks). Can a cock mutually masturbate another cock without it being sex? Is frot sex, or mutual masturbation, or both? Comments please!

Furthermore, CockBlock is not exclusively aimed at gay couples. Anyone with a penis (or strap-on) can use it. So, if it's not a gay masturbator, is it a… froturbator? Masturfrotter? We’re open to suggestions here.

At the risk of sounding immodest, when you are looking for a toy for two, we think CockBlock beats out conventional masturbators in a number of ways. Here are five reasons why you should start looking into a CockBlock.

1. CockBlock Is More Than A Sex Toy

Sure, it’s a sex toy, but it is also, truly, a world first.

CockBlock is the first sex toy designed to accommodate two cocks at the same time that aligns them in just the right way. So when we say it’s more than a gay masturbator, what we mean is that it creates a whole new category of sex toys.

It’s never been done before, so… welcome to the future of sex.

2. Specifically Designed For Frotting

CockBlock is made unique by its purpose: to enhance and facilitate frotting. Frot is the sexual act of rubbing your cocks together, sliding them over each other. It’s a very intimate and satisfying experience, and there is no gay masturbator that can offer what CockBlock offers.

Accept no substitutes.

3. Quality Design & Packaging

All you have to do is google “CockBlock reviews” to read and watch users talk about the quality of the CockBlock. Even the packaging looks cool.

That matters. CockBlock seeks to create a whole new, enhanced experience.


Looking down when you’re using it with a partner, watching yourselves enter it together, it’s VERY hot. Nothing else in the world offers that.

But beauty is skin deep. What makes CockBlock the world’s best sex toy for two cocks is the way it feels. With the two separate entry holes, it’s like frotting and penetrative sex all in one.

It’s a block of pure sex. A block full of cock.

5. Easy Aftercare

A removable, body-safe TPE sleeve inside a silicone outer-casing that pulls out in one simple piece makes CockBlock no hassle at all to keep clean.

Fill it with your favorite water-based lube, use it, rinse it with soapy water, dry it and you're ready for next time.

Literally wash, rinse, repeat.

And That’s Why

There are five reasons why we think CockBlock could make a huge positive impact on your sex life. But don’t take our word for it, feel free to go down the CockBlock rabbit hole and check out some reviews. Happy frotting.

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Frotting is more than masturbating. A cock can be stimulated by the touch and rubbing of another cock. Using cock block, we can slide our cocks together without losing contact, even without the help of hand. We can exotically shoot our cums lying face to face.


We love it. There’s a few different positions that we found to be so HOTT! Sometimes we cum together or one right after another. It’s New Years Eve and we are getting ready to get it out!!


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