Development History

This page outlines the CockBlock® prototyping journey.

Prototype 1

The first prototype was very basic and used for experimenting with silicone to get a feel for the material, and to explore whether or not the right balance of softness, elasticity, and compression was achievable.

Although the channel here is circular, it was imagined that it would have a figure-eight shape that kept the cocks aligned, while allowing them to rub together.

The first molds were made out of plastic bricks. This is the bottom of one of the prototypes.

The CockBlock™ brand was inspired by how the design requirements resulted in a block shape: a block for cocks. It had to be flat on the top and bottom so it didn't jut into either partners' abdomen, wide enough not to rock, and there needed to be more material on the sides to keep the cocks from crisscrossing.

Prototype 2

The next prototype separated the entry holes to provide a sense of penetration to both partners.

The mold design was sketched out on paper, turned into a CAD file by an engineer, and 3D printed. It was made to break into pieces so that it could be removed from the prototype once hardened.

Prototype 3

This version did a better job mimicking the positions and angles of two erect cocks so that they rub together in the desired spot. The holes were made a more accommodating size, and the bend in the channels was removed. A final length, width and height was established based on data from studies of variances of the male anatomy.

Texture was added to the channels for added sensation. The channels didn't open up the way they were anticipated to when filled, and were too far apart internally to create the desired cock-on-cock snugness.

Prototype 3b

A second version of this prototype was created to try to free up the users' hands as much as possible. It attempted a belt system for added stability, but this added further complications and the concept was eventually replaced by a handle (which got refined into a grip). This final result wasn't completely hands-free, but required less handling than with frot.

Prototype 4

The product was originally conceived of as made from just one seamless part, but in the end, the design was improved if there was an inner, softer part to ease penetration surrounded by a firmer, more elastic part that provided compression while still having enough give to accommodate really large girths, and be squeezable to add tightness for narrower girths.

The mold for prototype 3 also included a rounded front for better cushioning during thrusting. The texture pattern was made more random and ridges were added.

Prototype 5

Prototype 5 was the first attempt to make the design more refined and retail-ready. It includes the handle that was replaced by a grip.

Prototype 6

This prototype streamlined the aesthetic and introduced the grips. It went through several iterations to test out variations of the grip and overall body shape.

CockBlock™ Generation 1

The final design was improved by sloping the entry holes and tapering the body. This taper made pulling out the sleeve from the wider front much easier, as well as added more compression to the back end.