Up Your Sleeve: What Makes CockBlock Different?

Up Your Sleeve: What Makes CockBlock Different?

We don’t really consider the CockBlock toy to be a ‘male masturbator,’ at least not in the conventional sense. Why is that? And what makes it different? Oh, and while we’re at it… what is frotting?

When Is A Masturbator Not A Masturbator?

Let’s define some terms, starting with “masturbator.” What exactly is a “male masturbator”?

Well, these things don’t get a lot of discussion in polite society, whatever that is, and as such you’re not going to find a codified definition of “male masturbator” in the Merriam-Webster dictionary you were given in high school for your good attendance. (Well done, though.)

Even Wikipedia, that nearly always-accurate compendium of all human knowledge, has no informative page for ‘masturbator.’ It does, however, have one for ‘artificial vagina,’ and we at CockBlock Toys take issue with the assumption that all penetrable male sex toys are designed to imitate the vagina. Slightly abridged, the definition reads like this:

“[A male masturbator] is a device designed to imitate the vagina as well as sometimes the vulva… They may be designed for medical research purposes, animal breeding, or as a sex toy for erotic stimulation. Strokers and sleeves are sex toys usually designed as a handheld way to simulate a sex act, while an artificial vagina installed in a sex doll can be used hands-free.”

Ugh. This is what we’re up against, and it’s partially why the CockBlock toy wouldn’t qualify as a male masturbator even if we wanted it to. Which we don’t. Because it’s not one.

Here’s the first two ways in which CockBlock is different from every other stroker, sleeve, and masturbator on the market today. First, it doesn’t imitate the vagina, we are gay. Second, it’s not designed to simulate a sex act, but to facilitate one. Where conventional male masturbators, even gay masturbators, are designed to stroke the user’s cock, CockBlock is designed for frot. That’s sex, not masturbation.

And most importantly, CockBlock creates a whole new category. Sure, it’s easy to think of it as “a Fleshlight for two cocks,” but in practice, it is fundamentally different from a Fleshlight, or any other solo masturbating sleeve-type sex toy. It’s designed for two.

So What Is Frot?

Frot, frotting, and, when you’re feeling fancy, frottage, are the names given to a sex act in which two (or more) cocks are rubbed together. CockBlock is different from your garden variety masturbating sleeve because it has two holes adjacent to each other instead of one. Inside, those two internal canals merge into one soft, pleasurable space, in which your cocks are pressed together. Plus, the outside case is stretchy so it can be squeezed for more tightness or expand to accommodate wider girths.

Because the sex act we set out to facilitate was designed to be shared, there’s no reason for CockBlock to be imitating any particular part of the anatomy. It’s not a stroker either, because its purpose is to rest between two bodies and be entered by both partners simultaneously – potentially hands free, depending on your position and how you’re using it. And it’s not a masturbating sleeve, because much of CockBlock’s design is comprised of a flexible, silicone outer case. (We should specify: we do call the internal part a ‘sleeve,’ because it can be removed and replaced. But you wouldn’t call a car a wheel just because it has them. Therefore, CockBlock has a sleeve, but is not a sleeve.)

Here are five useful ways CockBlock is different from every other gay masturbator that came before it.

1. An Out-Of-Body Experience

It’s not designed to imitate anatomy, it’s not… of the body. Since that seems to be part of the definition of a male masturbator, CockBlock does not conform. Though, to be honest, we are slightly tempted to sneak into Wikipedia and edit that definition ourselves to make it less… vaginocentric.

    2. It’s Actually Good

    Male masturbators have a mixed reputation, to put it as diplomatically as possible. For a long time, little regard was given to the kinds of materials that went into a male masturbator. Many were defined by cheap materials and less-than-exciting designs. The box art often featured glamour shots of men and women from the late 80s, and had questionable names like ‘POWER STUD FUCK TUBE STAMINA TRAINER’. CockBlock brings gay male pleasure out of the shadows and into the modern day.

    3. Stroke Of Genius

      It’s not designed to be stroked up and down – though you can use it like that if you want, we’re not dogmatic about it. No, it’s not for stroking: it’s purposely heavy for stability, it’s a block of silicone and elastomers, hence the name (a block full of cock, if you will). That means, it will rest between you, with the combined pressure of your bodies holding it in place. That’s a completely different use case from conventional gay masturbators.

      4. The New Hotness

      It’s a whole new category! Frot toys have never existed before. This is the world’s first sex toy specifically for frotting. That fact alone marks CockBlock out as unique, and different from everything that’s come before. We didn’t just invent a new sex toy. We invented a whole new category of sex toys. Welcome to the future, I guess.

      5. Two’s Company

      It’s for two. Did we mention that? CockBlock is designed for couples. I feel like we might have said that before. Just in case, CockBlock is designed for couples. That’s two cocks at the same time. You get it, right?

      Masturbating sleeves. Male masturbators. Gay masturbators. The existing definitions are very poor for all these terms – what’s the difference between a stroker and a sleeve, for example? Surely if a masturbator is one of those, it must also be the other? And what about the concept of mutual masturbation. Who knows.

      All we know is that CockBlock is different in a lot of ways. We’ve designed it for frot. For closeness. For connection. For playfulness. For great sex.

      The result is a male sex toy with a feeling much more closely resembling sex than masturbation. It’s an intimate experience, relaxed, and to be shared. CockBlock is as much about the connection as it is about pleasure.

      Because it’s designed to be used for couples (whether long-term or hookup), it becomes an addition to great sex, or great sex itself. And that makes CockBlock fundamentally different.


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      Omg I have been trying to think of something like this for a long time.


      I got my cockblock last year and love it!


      Fulfills my love for frotting and fantasies of DP. Nice job, fellas …


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