How To Come Together: Simultaneous Orgasms for Gay Couples

How To Come Together: Simultaneous Orgasms for Gay Couples

Synchronized climaxes are really satisfying if you’re actively trying to achieve them, because when you get it right, everything stops for both of you, and you are purely and fully in the moment, together.

Orgasms, though, are tricky to predict. It takes coordination and practice. You have to learn your partner, and to a degree, yourself. Today, we’ll talk you through some tips and tricks to help gay men and trans people have a simultaneous orgasm.

Let’s go.


Frotting is a sex act in which two or more cocks are rubbed together. It’s not penetrative sex, but it IS sex.

Shop CockBlock NowThe reason we’ve put frot at the top of this list is because it’s one of the easiest way to work up to a simultaneous orgasm. Engaging in frot facilitates everything that follows below: it permits great communication, helps synchronise your breathing, is mutually pleasurable, everything that’s needed for a coordinated simultaneous orgasm.

It’s not a sex position as such. But it allows you to both find a comfortable position in which to take your time, edge as necessary, and match each other’s state of arousal.

Speaking of edging…


Edging is the decoration around the edge of a cake. And, while that’s pretty exciting, it’s not the meaning we’re talking about here. Edging is the name we gave to the practice of intentionally delaying orgasm to prolong a sexual experience.

Normally, edging is promoted in order to help you enjoy a bigger, more fulfilling climax, because delaying orgasm has the effect of enhancing it. With frotting, and when the goal is a simultaneous orgasm, edging helps you learn the physiological effects when you’re close to orgasm, and how to control those urges. Edging together, or alone, is excellent training for a simultaneous orgasm.

Good Communication

Sex is a dialog, that’s why they call it ‘intercourse’. Probably.

Communication is central. Open and honest communication about desires, preferences, and boundaries is the bedrock of better sex. Talking about how close you are to climax, or asking your partner to wait while you catch up, helps you to time your orgasms together.

Not to bang on about frotting, but frotting really is one of the best ways to do this. Preferably with a CockBlock. With the CockBlock between your bodies, and both of you inside it together, you can talk directly, face to face, about how close you are.

Erotic Stimulation

We’ve made frotting sound all very civilized. All this talk of good communication and eye contact, we might as well be talking about a handshake. But it doesn’t need to be like that.

Frotting to erotic videos can be a really hot, sexy way to bring both of you up to orgasmic speed together, just as their addition to other forms of gay sex can also spice things up. 

Introducing toys into the bedroom is also a sexy way to enhance the sensations and control your orgasms. Cock rings are useful for delaying climax. And of course there's CockBlock. 


Lube is the axle on which the wheel of sex revolves. For the sake of our purposes, simultaneous orgasms, lube is absolutely indispensable – especially if frot is your preferred technique to achieve them. Apply it liberally to your cocks  or anywhere there might be contact. Lay a towel down for easier clean up.

Then frot together like it’s going out of fashion.

Explore & Experiment

Look, this is supposed to be fun and pleasurable. That’s all that matters. If you’re struggling to get in sync, consider it practice and look forward to trying again.   

Make it a playful challenge, but don’t take it too seriously. While a simultaneous orgasm is an explosively enjoyable experience, there should be no destination to sex.

It’s about the journey.

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wish i had an aggressive partner to frot with.sounds terrific!



Tony & Yesenia

We just purchased our cock block a few weeks ago but my husband and I love it !!
The orgasm we experienced from our cocks rubbing against eachother was so intense we both came almost at the same time . It was so hot 🥵

Max & Jeremy

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